Analog Eclipse: Connecting Hospitals to the Rest of the World

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India is in doldrums to match the supply of healthcare resources with the growing demands led by population growth, improving socio-economic conditions,and the increasing burden of lifestyle diseases. In spite of this significant development, considerable gaps continue to exist in the demand & supply of quality healthcare. In order to contribute to the widespread effort to improve the accessibility of healthcare to every strata of society, Analog Eclipse Consultants(OPC) Private Limited built a platform for medical professionals and patients. Based out of Ahmedabad, Analog Eclipse builds telemedicine solutions for healthcare facilities, converting their existing infrastructure to fully functional audio-video enabled hospitals. The company believes that digitizing healthcare makes for faster communications, effective treatment and ultimately better health outcomes. Moreover, healthcare professionals can extend their reach beyond geographical boundaries, while people in rural areas can avail quality healthcare services by connecting virtually.“24x7 availability of medical experts makes significant improvement in overall public health and also during the emergencies. We want to have a world with 100 percent Health wellness Index”, says Udit Panchasara, Director, Analog Eclipse Consultants.

Analog Eclipse provides 360 degree tele health tools that can collaborate across platforms, devices, and media. At the same time, the company also takes care of bandwidth utilization at core level in order to enable easy functionalities of services at normal 3G & 4G Internet speed at all the
geographical territories. Analog Eclipse connects the entire medical facility to the location where it is required over a network. The company’s revolutionary designs and solutions enable budgetary treatments, while boosting the revenue of hospitals. Analog Eclipse also designs doctor friendly solutions considering hygiene standards and sensitivity required in the Operation Theater. This comprehensive solution offers audio visual integration between the theatre, conference room and the rest of the world that includes fellow doctors, researchers, and often, relatives of the patient. “Showcasing skills and patient centric efforts have never been so easier and convenient for the medical facilities and hospitals”, adds Udit. The solution put forth by Analog Eclipse captures and transmits high quality video & audio content from the Operation Theatres to the outside world. This content could be shown to the patient’s relatives or could be used as training content for other doctors. Two-way live audio & video is delivered at multiple ends at low bandwidth along with Laparoscopy/ Endoscopy camera, and Handycam inputs as well. Besides, these health care solutions are highly robust and reliable, thereby compliant to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act(HIPAA). The security of sensitive patient data over a network is thus secured.

The solution put forth by Analog Eclipse captures and transmits high quality video & audio content from the Operation Theatres to the outside world

Having addressed such a unique segment of the healthcare ecosystem, Analog Eclipse intends to create a healthcare ecosystem for mobile, real-time and collaborative way to operate.