DocOnline: Because in Employees' Health Lies the Organizations' Well being

Markus Moding, CEO & Founder

Data Analytics tools, HR automation software, and IT Infrastructure an employer might have all the greatest business solutions in the world, but employees will always remain the greatest asset to the organization. Due to technology and availability of Information anywhere and anytime, the work life boundaries are blurred. Hence, all key stakeholders in any organization today acknowledge that using a robust and proactive Healthcare ecosystem allows their employees and their immediate family to be at ease regarding their health issues. Hyderabad headquartered DocOnline services harness this aspect to help companies make a positive difference in the lives of their employees.

Deploying a healthcare ecosystem for employees creates greater flexibility and helps employees to balance their priorities. For the employer, this makes the employees feel more secured and better cared for by the organization. In turn, greater employee engagement/ loyalty a nd better talent management is achieved. Reduced absenteeism, and continued productivity are worth while by products of such a program. DocOnline builds state-of the-art technology to bridge Patient Doctor communication, regardless of geographical distances and time barriers. The online Patient Doctor interaction platform provides tailor made solutions focused to both B2B and B2C. Online doctor consultation services are delivered efficiently through telephone/video and chat facilities with a doctor – anytime,anywhere. DocOnline houses MCI certified practitioners allowing 70 percent of the treatment to be done online through preventive medicine. This robust model of preventive healthcare has impacted over 300,000 lives.
The doctors at DocOnline are all, primarily, general physicians and there are specialists like diabetologist and gynecologists as well.

"DocOnline builds state-of the-art technology to bridge Patient– Doctor communication, regardless of geographical distances and time barriers"

“One of the reasons DocOnline Health start ed in India is to enable how people consume Healthcare. We are a True Healthcare Company and our goal is to contribute in Indian Healthcare through Innovation & Digital Healthcare Platform by utilizing Technology which enables improved access to Healthcare”, says Markus Moding, CEO & Founder, DocOnline.

DocOnline has a clear objective to provide Healthcare solutions that are simple and affordable, targeted at corporate customers and individuals. Given that employees spend a major part of their life in the office, it becomes an important place to start with resolving health and wellness issues. Markus explains that low levels of Employee engagement have a correlation to the overall workplace health, and this is proven. It’s only natural that organizations prioritize their initiatives on improved Employee Wellness and Healthcare. The agenda is to improve Productivity, reduce the attrition rates and improve their reputation. For individuals, DocOnline has put forth tailor made solutions for helping in Preventive Healthcare.

DocOnline has multiple offices in India including Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore. While laying foundations to expand further in more cities, DocOnline has the year 2019 locked to acquire at least 1,000 corporate customers. Besides, with the modern workforce expecting more from t heir employer, DocOnline can set new benchmarks in the domains that healthcare has not yet reached.